Every veteran's first visit to us starts with a comprehensive eligibility assessment. We take the time to evaluate the unique circumstances and challenges that may be lurking, so that the veteran can be better equipped and prepared to overcome them.
To ensure veterans receive the benefits they have earned, we take the time to educate each veteran about benefits they are entitled to. They'll leave our seminars with a bevy of information and tips that'll keep them on the right path towards benefits certification.


We are here to help you keep your pride from getting in the way of obtaining benefits you earned for your time in service.  We are committed to assisting veterans from initial benefits inquiry to benefits application submission.  

Disclaimer:  VHATS is not directly affiliated with any federal government agency.  

Veterans Housing Assistance And Training Support (Vhats inc.) In Sherman Oaks

Contact us to find out how we can help you obtain the Federal Benefits you are entitled to and so much more...

At Veterans Housing Assistance and Training Support (VHATS Inc.) ​every veteran gets the attention he or she needs to obtain the veterans benefits they earned. VHATS views VA benefits as a form of workmen's compensation. If you were injured on the job, wouldn't you apply for it? VHATS is dedicated to helping veterans determine their eligibility status for:

  • Service-Connected Disability

  • VA Pension 

  • Dependents & Survivor Benefits

  • Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment

  • Transition Assistance