Board of Directors

Luis Rivera - President

Erick R. Arellano - Vice President

Ret. SSgt from US Air Force

Erick R. Arellano is a Combat Vet with multiple deployments among Southeast Asia, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern,​

and Africa. He served for five yeas six months before he got medically discharge due to an injury. He specialized in ground 

and air transportation with emphasis in logistic. Later in his career, he was given special orders to join the intel community, where he

did his remaining career before his injury. He now resides in San Fernando Valley with his in-laws, his wife Claudia, and his K-9 companion Nico. 

Dianne Hughes - Chief Financial Officer

Hugo Reyes - Construction

Chip Bachtell - Executive Marketing Director

Ronald Zepke - Master Artisan

Erick R. Arellano - Technology